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IGCSE ICT Past Practical Papers
(papers 2 and 3)
The IGCSE ICT practical examination is worth 60% of the total grade.

The sets of past papers on this page should be practiced until you are comfortable with their content. They require skills in section 9 - 16 of the course.

Each paper can be used in conjunction with the tutorials and workbooks found in other sections of this site but you MUST become so good that you no longer need the tutorials to guide you. Remember, you will be on your own in the examination.

Each paper comes with a mark scheme that you can use to see how close you were to the perfect solution. Don't forget to correct any mistakes that you may have made.

The files come in a Winrar zipped format. If you have any problems downloading the files, click here to download your own copy of winrar.

Word of Warning!!

You will gain nothing if you simply copy from the mark scheme without having first tried the tasks on your own. The mark schemes should be used AFTER attempting the paper and then making any corrections.

Practice these papers over and over until you are confident enough in the skills required to be successful.

IGCSE ICT Past Practical Papers  

Exam Tips .....

1. Read questions thoroughly before attempting.

2. Make sure that create folders for every section of the practical exam paper (Word, Access, Web Design etc). This will ensure that your files will be easy to find.

3. Take screenshots of every piece of evidence that the exam questions require.

4. Make sure that you include your NAME, CANDIDATE NUMBER and CENTRE NUMBER on EVERY page that you print out.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice.


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